January 8 – Weekly Photos

Happiest New Year! Not a lot to write, really. We drove to KC, where we were slated to spend a lazy week with family + cousins. Due to a COVID breakout, however, we drove back home the next day and were required to quarantine. So I took my “break” here. Hardly any photos to speak of! I’ve been lazing around, playing video games and reading, totally ignoring housework. Overall it feels great! There’s a bit of dust accumulating – I see you! – but I assume we’ll get around to it eventually. We have pulled out many of our new gifts + played around. Wilder built a lovely cardboard ramp for his new RC car (before the snow!) for us to try, and we spent several evenings at the park, jumping it in total, new moon darkness. Rosetta is building Lego and using slime kits, but mostly there’s been nonstop makeup action around here. Even George got his face painted! (No pic, I promised.) After all the drama + our horrible, 10-hour drive X2, nobody else got sick.

Sure enjoyed those five hours we spent with our cousins, celebrating Xmas again (2) / Proof the whole fam made it to KC but didn’t get in my birthday cake – oh yeah, we drove back home on my bday! / Maeve’s new Chiefs gear / Making a Kydex knife sheath (2) / Rosetta’s new wind chime project / Art evening / Membership to a trampoline place was a gift, too! / More art + some Lego

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