January 29 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Slowly accepting that it’s winter NOW instead of when we wanted it (Christmas, duh) and embracing all the outdoor stuff that goes along with it. I won’t lie: it’s been a slow, grinding few weeks since our COVID run. But everyone’s healthy now! This week we learned to use the snowblower + strengthened our ankles with some ice skating + sledded 3x + took a melting snow walk to the playground with an RC car spinning slush at everyone. There’s movement! Happy to be back in action, fully recovered, and ready to resume life! This week: friends. Next week: groups!

Inspired by last week’s projects, we made a canvas run to Hobby Lobby + painted more / One of Rosetta’s finished works / Ice skating outdoors is the best – Lake Evergreen (3) / Started our month o’ LEGO mess early this year / Rosetta and I had a cat war with stuffies / Wilder takes shoveling breaks to eat snow from the baby shovel / Testing Rosetta’s speed bump / Wilder’s dinner recipes from YouTube, which he made for us one evening / SkyZone visit (2) / RC cars on walks = dog going crazy! / Tetherball practice

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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