February 5 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Many adventures this week, but I failed to take pictures of any of the snow stuff we did. It was too cold to imagine taking my gloves off for pictures, so I didn’t!

We got together with George’s Kansas City Chiefs crew for the first time all year, and it was great to catch up + see all the kids playing together again. Then our Wildlings groups resumed + we met some new people! Together the group planned our semester with everyone feeling comfortable enough to pipe up with ideas. Now that it’s all written out, we’re very excited for all the cool things we’ll be doing! This Monday we celebrated Backwards Day by crafting a giant obstacle course to be completed from behind, just for fun.

Wilder made a camp fire pit out of an old can, using bicycle spokes to craft a “grill” top, and then went out to chop firewood into small enough bits to use it. He did get it going, but not strong enough to grill his potatoes in time. Because he was really hungry, he just used his propane setup for lunch instead. He did this while it was 10º.

Rosetta revived her gerbils after finding them wobbly on the chilliest morning of the year. We’d moved their cage to a new wall, an outside-facing wall. Quickly she googled all the things + together we found a sugar recipe for reviving low blood sugar. It worked rather quickly – the gerbils acted like post-Halloween children, racing around crazy + kicking their legs out sideways. Crisis averted!

Phoenix, Zetta’s new gecko / Chiefs Sunday – the last playoff game! Everyone got together! (3) / Wildlings resumed this week. The kids made collages + a giant obstacle course outside together. / Rosetta ironing perlers / Wilder setting up survival camp in the yard + cooking lunch / Fnished perlers from a game Rosetta plays / Wilder’s boba experiment, take 1 (2) / The gerbils are still alive! Got low blood sugar + felt wobbly, but we google-saved them! / Fiona with blush / Colorado Ballet’s Romeo + Juliet / Rolling bobas, take 2 / Family movie night with Jedi

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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