February 12 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Lots of busyness this week, but one highlight was the tiny Frenchie pup my sister just got. Eight-week-old Zorii can come live with me if she likes. Everyone else adores her too, but if she lived here she would only belong to me.

The kids planned their Valentine’s Day party this week and then celebrated early with cupcakes they decorated and a pile of cheers, including pyramids + a few burritos! We had friends stay with us a few days and I have zero photos of their sleepover, dance parties or movie sessions. We were having too much fun to document everything. Can’t wait until they come again!

New puppy at their cousins’ got some love (3) / GLOW session at SkyZone with cousin / Trampolining is pretty cool at night! / Wilder’s face while he jumps a claim in Gold / Wildlings Arvada session (6) with Among Us IRL, baking + big body play / Rosetta + Kaya made some fun-shaped buns / Wilder preps boba dough, ready to roll / Painting with friends / Warrior cat drawing / Working on Valentine’s cards / Rosetta’s pile / Wildlings outdoor session (3) on a windy hike / Wilder’s tall microwave cake attempt / Fiona cuddles / Wall of centuries start / Winter walks with friends are fun (2)

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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