February 17 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

We’re on the move again this week with ALL the parties! Bday parties, Super Bowl parties, sleepover parties, and a Valentine’s Day party to remember – with sack races + balloon friends (for some reason), sweets + silliness.

Painting at a friend’s bday party / Watching their cousin’s dance competition via LiveStream (spoiler: she won!) / Playing with the cousins’ pup / Super Bowl party! / Sleepover fun with face masks (2) / Wilder’s “friend” / Sack races, heat 5 / Rosetta made chocolate-dipped strawberries to share / Pictures in front of the wall (3) / Distributing valentines / Tulips for me / Fire pit night / Wildlings on Wednesday in a backup location at Red Rocks / Warrior drawing of the week / Fiona cuddles

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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