February 26 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Back from a long weekend in Moab – and so much exercise + outdoor time, I can hardly believe it! We’re back in action at home tho, waiting out the snow, because we’re ramped up and ready for spring now. The weather was glorious, if windy, and we hiked a zillion places in all of the parks, plus hit the hot springs on the way home. All with cousins or friends in tow, sometimes both! It’s been a while since we did one of these intensive hike weekends, and our feet were all tired when we got home. But we were oh so happy.

Marching Men, Arches (2) / Upheaval Dome, Canyonlands (2) / Landscape Arch, Canyonlands (2) / Shots of kombucha at the AirBnB / Shopping in downtown Moab / Hike to Broken Arch, Arches (2) / Windows, Arches / Fisher Towers / Glenwood Hot Springs (my kids are swimming far behind their friends) / Wilder’s BBQ pork sammie (2) / Rosetta’s cat pic / Maeve’s new collar / H-Mart fish fascination / SkyZone (2) / South Table Mountain hike / Lakewood Cat Care Society / Rosetta’s new art idea

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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