March 11 – Weekly Photos

This week we ramped up for building Wilder’s forge and he started creating diagrams for the projects he’ll make with it. Getting a little ahead of himself, but we’re shopping for materials now and trying to stay under a $300 budget.

Lots of art space this week because of the super cold weather. We finished all kinds of paintings, knife sheath leatherwork and planning. All together, it was a low-key week of friend play and easy outings just to leave the house, combined with wrapping up projects we left alone when the weather was so nice.

Last trip to the Morrison Natural History Museum before our membership expired. We were hoping to do the outside portion when we made this plan, but alas, it was snowing AGAIN. And our beaver lodge visit was quite brisk in the 15º + snow!

Wilder marked the parts of a knife for his future store / Snow play / Rosetta tried this TikTok hack that worked / Playing with Zorii (2) / The kids built a cardboard town together at Wildlings and it took all day, especially with the run-off mayoral election (9) / Art at home / Rosetta’s warrior cat painting of Star Clan / Seed starting indoors, round 1 / Morrison Natural History Museum (4) / Walk to the beaver lodge / Me, learning to dance in Roblox (purple) and Rosetta showing me (green) / Rosetta’s new makeup notebook

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