March 19 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

We’re doing our spring break next week, when grandparents are visiting. This week, we managed to squeeze in plenty of outdoor time and art and social interactions. We even destination-biked 3x, or at least until the chains broke on two bicycles! Hoping to fix the bikes while it’s still cold and be back in action.

Rosetta managed several projects this week, including making bags to give out to the homeless people we see when we’re driving. She loves making these + has been asking. She and a friend organized this together. We shopped together and split the cost, then the girls packed the bags up with healthy food, snacks and hygiene supplies. Another one, seen below, is tree painting.

Wilder made new boba, of course. He’s really into it, and we’ve tried boba on/in just about everything now. Strawberry milk with boba is the hands-down favorite so far, and he thinks that’s what he’ll do for the market. Easy and original.

Playground in the snow + Zetta’s snow drawing (2) / Her new gem style that everyone called “booger” all day / Another playground with friends / YumBox from Poland / New slime trials with gravity / Ziggi’s treat after a bike ride / Wilder’s new mug cake recipe / Qwirkle is more fun with the squares arranged perfectly, right? / Wildlings science day: raisin experiments (2) + mummified foods including W’s pickle (2), + homemade playdough (2) / Wilder in a box / Outdoor play / National Potato Chip Day celebration with chip tasting / Yet another playground we biked to with Aunt Amy, Olive + takeout! / Wilder’s new boba recipe / Zetta painting away / Wednesday Wildlings, outdoors at the beaver ponds / Happy St Patrick’s Day – we dyed our OJ green + made brown soda bread scones / Getting decent at making sushi / Painting #1 / Rosetta, working more / Warrior cats drawing / Painting #2 + #3 / Organizing homeless bag ingredients + packing them up (2) / Upgraded boba / Our little sprouting seeds!

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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