March 26 – Weekly Photos

Another double grandparent week. I forgot my phone when we did hot pot Sunday night for my sister’s birthday dinner at Bronze Empire, but my parents came to town for the weekend to celebrate with her. Then, delayed by the snowstorm, George’s parents arrived on Wednesday. We’re entertaining them in the house, with bursts of outdoor activity on our own. The cousins are off school this week too, so lots of outdoor play with them while they’re around. It’s glorious outside!

Hiking early / Showing me his MC skills / Rosetta made her fave brekkie: pancakes / Wilder’s new leather pouch, hand-sewn / Grandma Lynn’s egg painter + subsequent fun – all the eggs in our house are colored now! / Checking our raisins (ew) and mummies (even grosser) this week / Filling out his character sheet for D&D / Rosetta did hair and makeup with her friend / Shortcut D&D board (they won!) / A sword battle followed / Sand habitat / Rosetta’s YouTube project with a thrifted jean jacket (2) / Dead turtle Wilder found at Bear Creek / Creek play with friends / A hawk that flew over us / Wilder’s whittling / Minecrafting together in the morning / Cousin play outside (3)

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