April 2 – Weekly Photos

We’re done with grandparents for a little bit, but we did have fun running around with them for half a week. We baked a ton. Apples to Apples was a highlight for the kids, even better than meals out, due to Grandpa’s misunderstanding and lack of reading glasses for the game. Wildlings got a painting with sand + rock tutorial from our resident artist. Rosetta made some lovely colors with rock dust she pounded herself.

Wilder nabbed a new music app this week and has been mixing daily. He’s using the music as backgrounds for his YouTube videos, setting pictures to music. We’ve also made a plan for his boba booth at the kids’ market next week, including supply lists.

Rosetta’s following her market plan as well, completing two different treat recipes and then frosting them. She also helped me figure out what we need to add to the garden, then repot a bunch of leggy seedlings.

Following a library trip, we nabbed loads of new reading materials + added holds for several dozen more. This week’s favorite kid reads below.

Boba making with Grandma / Just like Maeve looking to the side in this one… / Two cakes for tea – Wilder’s is chocolate, Rosetta’s is funfetti / Enjoying the tea spread they made / Dinner out with grandparents + cousins / Rosetta pounding rocks into sand + making paint (2) / Picnic with friends / Wilder’s new sound mixing app – making background music for YouTube videos / Eating out at Edgewater / Apples to Apples for game night / Checking out the beaver’s work / Carving, creekside / Hammocking / Trip to H Mart / Science experiment for the garden – turns out we need some supplements! / Minecraft together / Rosetta’s dog treat baking day, recipe #1 / Favorite two books of the week (2) / Frosting batches of dog treats

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