April 9 – Weekly Photos

We finally got our first 100 hours of outside time! Yeah, it’s April. But I am the only one depressed by this, and I am also the only one who’s got 300+ hours myself. Not that I am comparing… haha.

The kids got really into cooking again, making a few experiments in pancakes and flour tortillas. Plus sushi is becoming a weekly occurrence, and this week they got to show their cousins new methods.

Much of our week was consumed by prep for the kid-made market. There was a lot of disappointment management afterwards as we marketed on easily the coldest, most blustery day we could’ve picked (our rain date next week forecasted snow!). It was freezing! And that deterred Wilder’s iced boba sales, he decided. The way we had to hold everything down kept customers from seeing all of Rosetta’s dog treats, and she felt sad to bring bags back home. While nobody’s sales were amazing, the kids enjoyed meeting other homeschool families and seeing a variety of craft and art skills. They also really like counting their profits!

Wilder’s tortilla experiment = tortilla pizzas for the whole week (2) / Little Zorii is growing! / Sushi tutorials / Carrying Zorii to the playground at night, where she blended into the field while we played soccer in the dark. / Sizes of forge doors the guys are considering / Hanging out at Heritage Park / Cute pic of our dingo, Maeve / Wildlings fun included a pinata, slackline, hammock fitting experiment + fishing adventure (4) / Rosetta’s pancake trials (2) / Got our bikes back! Fixed! / Kid-made market in the cold + Wilder’s boba booth (3) / Other booths / Playground fun after the market (2) / Celebrating National Caramel Popcorn Day (2) / Hiking + play at Lair o’ the Bear with friends (2)

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