April 15 – Weekly Photos

Last week our emphasis was on time outside, even though there was fierce wind (again!) working against us. Ugh. This time of year is heartbreaking to me. Just when we’re excited to break our rhythms and start the outside portion of life, the weather doesn’t cooperate. We sure did make a dent in our goals tho! But we also made a Hobby Lobby trip to nab new supplies for those disappointing days, and a new audiobook to accompany us through.

We’re back to morning read-alouds together after a season of disjointed waking schedules. Everyone agreed (the three of us) that waiting til 8:30 gave us enough time to wake separately + finish our morning routines before we eat together. So I took photos of our favorite read-alouds this week. Super excited to dive into these smaller books together again. Almost finished with the cat folklore book – every day that one continues to impress + is our collective favorite!

We’ve had some personal growth this week as well – that usually feels awkward to me. Rosetta has a friend with a similar temperament, and that makes it hard for them to move on from disappointment when they play. They’re quiet, funny people, and disagreement shifts them into defensive mode. After a difficult playdate, we talked about how saying “no” and weathering a friend’s disappointment actually means you are trusting them with the full weight of your opinion. You have to trust people in order to grow your friendship, right? Rosetta seemed to agree. We’ll see what that means moving forward, but it was a long conversation and Wilder had solid input too. Building friendships that are real can be difficult, but I’m glad to be here to help facilitate, even when it’s awkward.

Trampoline + obstacle course at friends’ house / Fiona / Books we’ve been enjoying (3) / Rosetta + Wildlings fun (3) / Our experiment check-in – look at those raisins! and our mummies are working! (3) / Carving soap together / Trip to the reptile store / Boba dessert + Pet Me game play / Another book we added to the rotation / Running after geese / Fowl we wanted to look up at home: cormorants / Wildlings (4) / Games we played on repeat / Wilder’s pride after making crepes for the first time / Rosetta enjoyed them too / Working on their projects at the table / Wilder bought a smaller awl to make his leatherwork sewing holes invisible, it worked! / Rosetta’s newest cat / A slow-build project that is awaiting more layers

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