April 23 – Weekly Photos

The week of science experiments, if ever there was one. From DIY egg dye to rocket launching, we did them ALL. Our raisin experiment finally wrapped: 4 weeks to make edible raisins! Our mummies mummified and were so gross, we threw them right out! Not even pictured: baking soda volcanos, failed slime (2), elephant toothpaste, seedling growth + garden planting, tortilla making, cake baking, bike pump balloons + filling balloons with objects. The most engaging ones seemed to be (1) Nerds rope candy, for which we had to switch ingredients + times to make that work, and (2) crafting a slime recipe with off-brand glue, which didn’t work the way our usual glue does but made us try very hard to get usable slime.

Beautiful weather called us outdoors many times. We ate most meals out there daily… unless wind showed up. Our trip to Kansas for Easter proved memorable. The kids wandered outdoors constantly, from playground to slackline to playground again. The trampoline got loads of use, as did our bikes and legs. More, please!

Our Easter eggs, post-dying/coloring / Rosetta’s blue hair setting up / Wilder got ingredients to make Nerds rope candy + it worked! (2) / Rosetta’s mountain painting / Set up the slackline at Grandma’s house (2) / Running to + from playground with cousins (2) / Easter hunt – before + afters (5) / Dodgeball in Grandma’s basement / Back to playground (3) / Ordering fast food from the closed banks (2) / Saying goodbye (2) / Wilder’s popovers / Easter egg hunting at Wildlings + silliness (2) / Bottle rocket fun with air pressure (3) / Slime making (2) / Chalk body outlines + death scenes (3) / Biking to + around Crown Hill (2) / Showing Sadie how to make boba / Trampoline / Book we liked #1 / Zetta’s sunset painting with bats / Wednesday Wildlings at the creek / Sprinkler fun in the front yard / Rosetta re-creating Chik-fil-a nuggets / Book we liked #2 / Kinetic sand / New Legos

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