April 30 – Weekly Photos

First camping trip of the season! Our Wildling crew headed to Great Sand Dunes National Park for a group trip, and we had fun despite crazy winds + below-freezing temps. For some reason, my pictures are mixed up. Please forgive the mess! I guess I do have several people’s images mixed in here, but even mine got all weird. We also stopped at Colorado Gators and the Hooper hot springs pool during our trip, not to even mention the usual Buena Vista haunts. We had so much fun with the other seven families that joined us, we’re doing it again!

This week, after reading a survival book, Wilder and I spent a long time reviewing the life of Henry David Thoreau, including his cabin – now considered “the original tiny house” by marketing folk. We read many of his quotes + why he moved to the woods, and Wilder now considers him a mentor, of sorts. He crafted a journal for himself to use this summer and keeps it on his bedside table for early morning inspiration.

Rosetta, on the other hand, has joined an Outschool class for Warrior Cats enthusiasts. Class members create their own story and live it out in a private game room, chatting and typing away to each other on a group call. She enjoyed it so much, she’s permanently joined the 11-member crew on Fridays for the foreseeable future. (There are no pictures of this, nor will there be, as she’s quite private online.)

CO Gator had cats (of course) and we held the baby gator! (2) / Sand Dunes group trip (19) / Hooper hot springs – all those sleek, swimming seal heads were with us! / Camp morning, huddled around the fire (2) / More random Sand Dunes (2) / Wednesday Wildlings involved a butterfly release / Typical water play + friend circles (2) / Wilder wildcrafted a bow with some paracord / Readaloud book we liked #1 / Rosetta baked us a cake of her devising (cinnamon) / Readaloud book we liked #2 / We found a muskrat at a pond / Fishing trip to Bear Creek with the dog (3) / George + Wilder drilled holes in their forge for propane hookups and the temperature gauge / Sand Dunes photos (4) / Notebook Wilder made to record his thoughts in for the summer, after we researched + discussed Thoreau / And the rest of our CO Gators pix (5)

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