May 7 – Weekly Photos

Busy week around town. We balanced that by keeping to the house for two days, and enjoying lots of new readalouds. My favorite one is Beatryce, if only for the depiction of the goat Answelica. I am so hopeful the story fleshes into one I love as well as the opening chapters, which had me and the kids laughing aloud, excited to read more. As the kids grow, we’re able to use books as an entry point to so many topics, often ones that seem unrelated! I’ve always loved reading and am grateful my two love stories as much as I do.

George requested that we resume family hikes on his Friday off, alternate weeks, so we did our first of those this week too. The kids and I have been almost everywhere together without him, and it’s fun to watch them show him where to go and what to look for at different parks. This week was Meyer Ranch, a sledding favorite.

As spring continues, our focus seems to be shifting into physicality, any activity that requires body movement in some way. Definitely the trampoline is a daily outlet all year, but now it’s been a joy to get outside on bicycles or on foot, and no one seems to mind a lap around the ‘hood. Particularly in the rain! We’re also resuming our family nights at the playground up the road, usually with a soccer or basketball in tow. There are baby bunnies living under a step behind the school that we check on – so cute to see their ear tufts now.

Welding prep – redrilling + sanding around the edges of the holes to get it to metal on metal / Perler bead table at Wildlings / Rosetta’s diamond art on her water bottle, far left / The randomness of Wildlings play (5) / Tree climbing at Majestic View / Judging their friends’ shoe-toss contest / Trip to Wee Tea, our new favorite boba place! / This redbud tree near us has beautiful purple moss growing out of its trunk / Two books we finished this week, because the kids loved them. / BEST rain walk in years (2) / Painted butterfly caterpillar status / Our newest readaloud, beloved by me most of all. / A lovely picture book that lead to a discussion the education of women, and then down the road to colonization. All the stories that end with a person pursuing education are hard for me. The person should have the option, definitely, but the stories are written with an “aren’t you lucky” angle that feels gross, imo. That’s what we discussed: if access to education makes everything so much better, why is it mandatory? / Rosetta art / Bike ride / George, counting tree rings / Hike through Meyer Ranch (2) /Swim with cousins + grands at Apex

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