May 14 – Weekly Photos

Last week felt like the longest one in a while. We had an appointment on every single day, most often two. There were many complaints about this, and I felt like complaining most because I also struggled to squeeze work in. George got promoted, so we started out with a small celebration for him. More fun than stressful, plus the house was cleaned really well and really early!

Our last sessions of the Wildlings groups was this week. We prepped for and attended an Alice in Wonderland tea party on Monday, complete with hat decorating + making signs to hang. Rosetta and her friends helped set the tables + decorate the food tables, plus everyone brought something to eat. Rosetta spent hours making a multi-layer Jell-o concoction in rainbow colors, with sprinkles, and then slicing it into circles for plating onsite. Then she baked and frosted homemade oreos (which I liked better than the “real” ones). Wilder fried doughnut holes + rolled them in powdered sugar on the morning of the party. We all decorated hats to wear + quite enjoyed the final product together with our friends.

Wilder’s forge project hit a snag this week when George realized we don’t have enough power from any of the outlets near enough the welder. They’re not getting enough juice to form a decent seal, so they’ve been practicing on scrap metal. But all of the seams look bubbly, an indicator of low power, rather than lack of skill.

Rosetta doubled down on her Warriors series after realizing how “far behind” she was in buying the newest books. We have eight more in stock currently, and that should last til the next one is published in October.

Lastly, our caterpillars seem to be set up for a decent amount of hatching success. We’ve never pinned them to the cage before, but it worked okay. I decided to hang the second set early, despite the lone caterpillar not cocooned yet, because the cocoon next to it was “fighting” it, swinging into it constantly. I wish I’d moved it sooner, because the hanging ‘pillar fought back and split itself open, dying immediately. Sigh. Nature is terrible and amazing.

George’s promotion party, prep + fun (5) / Presented with Mother’s Day brekkie + a closeup (2) / Wilder making a new cookie recipe / Rosetta’s nutella berries / Wilder’s cookies, baked / Zetta baking homemade oreos for the tea party / Welding practice / Finished oreos / Wilder’s lamb pita wrap dinner / Wilder making donut holes for the tea party / Wildlings session wrap, tea party + water gun fight (10) / Caterpillar progress (2) / Our chemistry book – and the page they loved this week (2) / All the Warrior books Rosetta bought this week @ Barnes + Noble / Drawing with friend / Wildlings Wednesday at Matthews/Winters with friends + the first snake of the year! (5) / Junior History Days at Golden History Park with friends (6) / Caterpillar update – one dead after “fighting” a cocoon all day, sniff / Unpacking the new camp kitchen from REI + their new sleep pads / Wilder talking fly fishing with his new friend / Adding recommended flies to his pack / Hiking to Lair o’ the Bear from Corwina with friends / Daddy cuddles on movie night

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