May 30 – 2 Weeks’ of Photos

In the span of two weeks, we’ve managed a camping trip with zero camping, three days without power, a Great Wolf overnight and some Covid. Life is weird.

The camping trip: Our family headed out after 5pm, following baseball tickets for George and Wilder, to join friends at a nearby disbursed camping space. Unfortunately, our trip came directly after more snow that, apparently, left some mountain roads impassable. Our camp spot unexpectedly closed, our friends wandered around the area looking for more spaces. These were claimed by earlier arrivals. When they tried turning around, one vehicle got impossibly stuck in mud. We caught up with them, 30 minutes later, as they gave up and called for a tow. By 7:45 PM, as the sun began its descent, I called a friend, who loaned us her condo instead. Whew. We packed everyone up and arrived in complete darkness, watching the lunar eclipse + relieved to not need to set up camp! We’d only had two days slated for this trip, and the tow truck didn’t come the following day until almost noon. I took all the kids hiking while we waited, and we decided to head home instead. There were too many closures and nobody wanted to risk getting stuck again. On the way home, we played in two different parks, cooked lunch on our camp stoves + nabbed ice cream together. We all arrived home disappointed in how the trip turned out, but there was a LOT less cleanup for me afterwards. And considering that by Friday that same week, I’d be camping for three days in my own house, that now seems fine.

Learning to start the forge / Rosetta’s homemade waffles + boba tea / She also took a lot of cat photos this week; this one particularly good / Rockies game with Dad before we left / Unexpected dinner out on our not-camping trip / There’s a moose in there! / Playing along the road while waiting for a tow truck that never came / Morning in my friend Becka’s loaner condo / Hiking while other adults meet the actual tow truck – it arrived! (3) / Fishing + playing along the river on the way home / Some hatching Painted Ladies! / Wilder’s churro experiment was amazing / We did a lot of camping-style activities without power / Power outage cooking situ / The only device left with battery… Nintendo / Finished mushroom puzzle, 1000 pieces in 30 hours / Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with Wilder, finally! (4) / Painted Lady Butterfly release near the Great Wolf landscaping / Views from the party room on our way to go swimming (3) / Ropes course / Morning together / Everyone’s favorite: the wave pool / Arcade play / Loved this issue + finished the whole thing together in one day / Second try at WeeTea after our H-Mart run for boba supplies – aren’t they so pretty / Wilder, learning to craft potholders / Finished products / Rosetta’s painted fox / Using Covid tests as a science experiment / Found these weird bugs hiking… they’re beetle larvae / Wilder learning to make matcha + pour professionally / Strawberry matcha boba for Wilder / Strawberry lemonade boba for Rosetta

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