June 4 – Weekly Photos

Strange, but I somehow managed to NOT photograph most of our week. It’s like I took off my photography hat – or it accidentally blew away. I certainly didn’t plan it. But here we are, without much to show for much of our forays. Oh well… Next week?

I’ll talk about books instead! And yes, I did attend the Jeffco Whale of a Sale event as per usual. For $32, I got 14 hard cover books, 14 novels, six pieces of piano sheet music and four picture books. I consider that a win!

Another new-to-us food: fresh jackfruit! We like it in smoothies / Family fight about the largest living organism was won by nobody. I thought maybe fungus, but it was my second guess. Hmmm. / And he’s still positive! / What happens after breakfast when I read in the morning / Somebody’s 10! / She redid her bedroom for her birthday, complete with all new sheets + comforter / Zooming happy birthdays with the grands / Happiest poolside gal / Plus one with her brother / And the cake! / I read this / We finished this one with loads of new facts

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