June 11 – Weekly Photos

This week’s disbursement contains all of the usual suspects: movement, outdoors, projects, cooking + friends. But we also added a new one – concerts!

I will always love outdoor concerts more, but this AJR event was so exactly what we needed too. The kids’ first official concert that wasn’t bringing a blanket somewhere to ostensibly listen to music near a playground. Those are fine too, great even. But the kids finally experienced what it’s like to hear 17,998 people singing along with you, and that’s a feeling you can’t project onto someone from a playground. That communion isn’t replicated often, but we are all deeply into it now, drinking that brand of Kool-Aid. After a few years of pandemic-fueled fear of people, this type of crowd experience was exactly what we needed.

And was part of me scanning the crowd for gunmen? Yes, unfortunately. It did feel enclosed and trapped at Fiddler’s Green. Will I do it again? Yes. Undoubtedly. Our love for the whole experience can’t be overstated. We’re excited to go again!

Making the cake for her party / Wilder picked up a hammer at a garage sale, cleaned it up + added a new handle / This week’s beachside salad: sesame tahini coleslaw / Family bike ride / Wildlings at Bear Creek Lake Park / Decorating her cake / Final cake is so pretty! / Wilder’s new keyboard project, replacing internal parts and adding new colors + keycaps / Warrior cat habitats, the party activity, lasted hours (4) / “Hunting” prey in the yard activity / Wilder’s clay claws / Wednesday Wildlings at Anderson Park, where we found a snake + bullfrogs / Rosetta’s favorite bday card, ever / Our first attempt at making dumplings / They look better before they’re cooked / Shaping boba with Grandma / Dinner at the pool with friends / Whole family at the AJR concert (not pictured: a long walk + hot wait in 90º heat) / Concert time!

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