June 20 – Weekly Photos

We’re home from a week away, tucked into a cabin in Crested Butte that was built in 1883. No matter what else I do in summer, this CB trip is my fave. Every day, we hike, then find something else to do in the afternoon. Choices are biking, fishing, exploring new areas, walking downtown, playgrounds, bookstore shopping, or chilling in the hammock with the books we bought already. Every choice is a winner, and I’m always sad to leave. After all, there are a zillion hikes here, and we can never even hit all of our favorites!

This year we shared our vacation with my sister’s family, so there are cousins in all the shots, and we had a lot more chasing around outside even while we were in resting mode between adventures. We managed to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms that plagued us last year, and spent 8-9 hours outside every day. Coming home after that to iPads and video games feels like a letdown to me. The kids are super excited for online play, where I’m ready to move to the woods! Feels like a total disconnect, and I need time to mourn the retreat of sunshine. Maybe that’s something schooled children crave more? Like, because they have little choice during the school year, they’re eager to spend more time outdoors every day? A theory…

Anyway, there’s something about simplifying all options for a whole week, without sacrificing creature comforts like a flush toilet, that clears the mind. I’m home now and have had a day to decompress/be depressed, so I’m ready to share pictures!

The BV ice cream stop is mandatory / My menu for the week – keeps things manageable + more cost-effective / Road-side hugs for the caravan / George loves the fish hatchery as much as anyone / Rosetta playing “cowbell” in the car / Hike #1, just down the road from our cabins (3) / Rosetta glamour shot! / Fly fishing in Cement Creek, early AM / Guess who bought candy cigarettes? (2) / Fishing at Roaring Judy, take 1 – caught only one fish + one butterfly, but had a great picnic! / Downtown shopping / A cabin brekkie! / Hike #2: Teddy’s Trail (3) / Found the biggest dandelions in an empty lot / Wilder, using his new axe / Campfire night (2) / Lake Irwin fishing, paddle boarding + picnicking / Looking at donuts while eating ice cream / Lu / Cabin biking is an all day, every day occurrence / Chatting around the fire pit / Hike #3: Rustler’s Ridge – ended in a rainstorm, but by far the prettiest for this trip! / Downtown again – last time! / Maxing out capacity in the hot tub after a long day / Waiting for our Father’s Day burrito order

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