August 13- Weekly Photos

This week, we moved my parents into the Westminster home they’ll share with my youngest sister. The kids moved boxes, rearranged furniture + pulled down wallpaper. We’re excited to be able to see grands without skipping town for a week each trip, and it should free up some actual vacation space.

Anyway, we managed to fit in mid-week camping and several group events, plus a few friend hangs + a fishing trip. I love this life!

The moving truck! / Pulling down wallpaper / Rosetta’s gecko is growing super fast / Clear Creek pond (2) / Her friend’s baby chicks / Playtime / Dude’s Fishing Hole / Our Golden Gate cabin, outside (2) + in / Fishing at Kriley’s Pond (2) / Happiness / Evening bat walk / Around the fire in the morning! / Hiking the Raccoon Trail with parkour + a little balance training / Toad /Bear Creek Lake Park fishing

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