August 20- Weekly Photos + Tracking

Three days here, five days there, that’s how we do a quick trip. Back from Kansas City, where we spent more time fishing than everything else put together, we’re nursing one head cold and waiting for the rest of us to catch it after our 10-hour germ-soak of a car ride together. But I have zero complaints because KC wasn’t miserable and, very abnormally for this crew, we spent hours and hours of time outside.

This week, we spent four wonderful, overcast hours at Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary in Liberty, MO. We read every label in their indoor area, where they showcase local fauna + flora in pretty displays AND house collections of amphibians, reptiles + taxidermied animals. Five different species of butterflies were spied (capture was attempted but unsuccessful) on our hikes, and two kinds of tadpoles were fished from Brush Creek there. Rosetta also caught a baby garter snake, which her cousins had never held before. If you’re ever in the area, Martha Lafite is one of my favorite stops. The park is a lovely tangle of dirt trails with overlapping streams, and the walks are filled with flowers + butterflies.

Another favorite thing last week was watching restaurant owner, Jasper, make fresh mozzarella tableside. The kids hadn’t seen the full magic cycle before their eyes, and the cheese was so delicious that this project moved to the top of our to-do list.

Friendly arting at home / Leaping into Mo’s giant pillow pile / Naptime / Giant caterpillar we tracked down online / Baby snake (2) / Rosetta’s “car” from Amazon / Qwirkle with Grandma + Amy on Tuesday / Evening walk with a side of fishing at the KC Grandma’s house on Wednesday / Martha Lafitte Nature Center to fish + tadpole hunt with Grandma + cousins (5) / Swimming together / Rubbing Grandpa’s back with Lucy / Post-dinner stories + chat / Hodge Park trip #1 – tadpoles + fishing / Watching Jasper make fresh mozzarella tableside / Dinner at Jasper’s in North KC / Hodge Park trip #2 – more success with both fish + tadpoles / Family pickle ball court rental / Evening swim with the cousins / George aying goodbye to his parents

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