August 27 – Weekly Photos + Tracking

Slow week at home due to illness. Apparently traveling helps you catch colds before you even realize that cold season has begun, and so it has for us. Booo. Somebody felt decent enough to fish by Wednesday, after spending his congested time crafting a tiny fishing pole from the full-scale one that broke in Kansas. Caught nothing, but felt good to get out. Then we tentatively hit a trail together, and that felt good too. Colds officially on the mend, and we had time at home to do some reading + projects.

We’re wrapping up our summer Wildlings program with fall semester sign-ups now, and it’s almost starting to feel like time. Almost. I’m still in full-on camping + hiking mode because the weather has suddenly become perfect for those two things. I will procrastinate any official “start” of indoor, workbook-style things until September ends, because we’re planning to run around the state as much as we can while it’s so beautiful outdoors.

Our Monday crew at play / Sharing a baby snake cuddle / Empowering girl folk tales are a win! / Also wrapped up this hefty beast of children’s art history – long but worthwhile / Wilder’s handmade tiny rod ready for its trial run / Upside down dog / The orb weaver we found on our deck after an evening walk / Fishing / Wandering the park with friends / Snake skeleton by Rosetta / Matthew Winters preamble with the whole fam / Morning view at Mt Falcon East / Wilder’s new RC ramp

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