Game Review: IQ Six Pro

Disclosure: As a member of Timberdoodle’s blog team, I requested and received this game for free in exchange for my honest review of this product.

I ordered IQ Six Pro because we’ve all enjoyed playing Rush Hour, Cat Stax, and Gravity Maze. IQ Six Pro seemed like a logic puzzle in a similar vein, only with an optional added challenge of 3D. Sounded perfect!

Right out of the box, it was easy to start playing. We read three lines of instruction and my 11yo son began setting up the first challenge. He followed the picture in the book of Starter puzzles, arranging the little shapes just how he saw them, then proceeded to fill in the puzzle portion with the remaining pieces. (It was like completing Tangram shapes, but backwards!) He finished several in his first round of play, making it easy to want to keep going, level by level.

My 10yo daughter loves this game! She sat with the puzzle until she’d completed all six Starter challenges. We also tested out the Starter page for the 2D puzzles, then got cocky and moved on to 3D. But after 10 minutes of work, we decided we probably needed to get better at the basic game before adding a dimension!

My partner and I fast-forwarded to Wizard status, only we couldn’t complete the puzzle. Defeated, we downgraded ourselves to Master and took 20 minutes to finish that round. It really is a challenge.

We all liked the satisfying shapes of the pieces, which is silly, but they’re handled a lot during play. The small package size is a huge bonus! While it’s popular, I’ll leave this game on our table for rotation into daily play. Then I plan to add the tiny box, approximately 3″x6″x1″, into our to-go basket of small games + art supplies, where it will continue to offset boredom while we roam town.

Buy IQ Six Pro from Timberdoodle

For $11, IQ Six Pro offers levels of game play for everyone at a perfect size for travel. If you, like me, have a kid who HATES direct competition but enjoys a mental challenge, this game was an easy yes.

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