September 10 – Weekly Photos + Tracking

Two highlights this week. First, our visit to Terrorium, a plant + taxidermy shop in Denver that boasted some weirdly divine offerings. An all-seeing unicorn? Neon fish bones? We asked about classes here. Oh yes, and Wilder bought a resurrection fern that amuses us each day with its growing + shrinking – those things are cool.

Second, our trip to Miller Farm doesn’t have many photos because we were all dying of heatstroke. Really. It ended up being 103º while we were out picking veg in the fields on a hayride with no cover. But because we went so much earlier in the season than our usual jaunts, we got entirely different produce! The kids are thrilled with their watermelons (red + orange!), cantalopes, cucumbers + myriad peppers. The upcoming week’s menu should be a cinch.

Wilder + the all-seeing unicorn @ Terrorium / Just two of the many cool terrariums for sale / Our resurrection fern, Bertha, in her growing phase / Family walk / Labor Day coloring session / Dorito chip roulette – who got the spicy ones? / Water balloon boobs, extra cushion for the slip-n-slide, I’m told / Blue Stem Hike in Colorado Springs / Some Torchy’s after forging class / A snake’s birthday party with live food = too much squeaking for all of us / Some Rush Hour after dinner / Our pool closed, but the cousins’ is still open! / Evening game of Breaking Bones on Roblox / Waiting for our trailer to leave at Miller Farms / Who wants this onion? / Peach jam / Playing with co-workers’ kids at George’s office party in Wash Park / Wilder, skateboarding his gear to the fishing pond / Some evening fishing

Trying to get back in the habit of making notes, but it’s haaaaard!

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