September 18 – Weekly Photos + Tracking

Long, exciting week of fall activities! It’s officially Chiefs season – so we watched + attacked Grandma with our cousins. It’ll be a strange new season to have grandparents added to the usual kid craziness of football games.

We kicked off our Wildling groups this week. The Monday crew made slime + an insane obstacle course, plus the usual social play + mayhem of volume. Wilder’s gravel slime was the most popular, even if it was an accidental addition. On Wednesday, there was whittling, carving + fort-building outdoors with an entirely new group of enthusiastic kiddos. Looks like it’ll be two fun groups this semester!

Eat2Explore is the new cooking box we subscribed to for a 3-month trial. The kids are eager chefs, always expanding their skills, but I felt overwhelmed at the idea of planning a meal for each of them to execute each week, alongside the rest of it. So we’re testing out this one. I ordered Wilder the box from Japan, based on his crush on the whole country. Last week he tested out the teriyaki salmon recipe, which was a wild success. Plating is all his own. Rosetta opened the first sample box for the kids and found Mexico inside. She cooked yummy enchiladas. I love how they make dinner, even if it takes 90 years + leaves a whole mess, and then they try each piece because THEY MADE IT! So far, so good.

Cuddling Zorri / Grandma is attacked / Wildlings – slime science + obstacles (6) / Rosetta, holding the recipes while she tried to decide what to make first / Wilder in welding attire / Welded steel / Rosetta makes her dad’s lunch at least weekly. Here’s the note she wrote him. / Making + eating sushi (2) / Warrior Cat drawing by Rosetta / Plant art by Rosetta / Filling her enchiladas / Shrink art / Morning projects / Wilder’s teriyaki noodle bowls / Wildlings busyness (4) / Wilder’s plated salmon dinner / Wooden building project / Turquoise Lake family camping trip (9)

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