September 24 – Weekly Photos + Tracking

Weather’s been beautiful for roaming around outdoors this week, except for Monday’s heat wave. We played soccer with our Wildlings crew, and had to take so many water breaks! It was really fun anyway, and, once the kids learned how to sub in/out, the game kept going while people cooled off. Team sports are now one of Wilder’s interests, so it was fun to see him start to understand how to coordinate with other players to keep the ball moving toward his goal. Our group is now deciding if we’ll invest in multi-purpose nets to keep the sports vibe alive.

One of this week’s highlights was a rainy trip to Matthews/Winters Park, where we found all kinds of moss and lichen to ID. There were also baby snails everywhere, and the discussion about where they came from included some fairy input from the younger group members. Follow-up research on snails proved that they hatch from eggs and wasn’t quite as magical, but very explanatory. We then searched unsuccessfully for snail eggs in the water. We also ID’d some bittercress, but based on the water’s dirtiness, decided not to eat that one.

Wilder, making a wallet + ID / Everyone gathering supplies + starting their artist trading cards / Soccer / Cooling off area / Charades indoors / Rosetta making her famed squash + sauce for dinner / Wilder’s forged spear tip, outside of Kilroy’s / Heading to the field for family soccer / Bear Creek Lake Park trip (2), for fishing + hiking with Maeve / Our neighborhood owl / Matthews-Winters exploration + climbing with Wildlings (6) / Opening our MTH supplies! / Family walk / Gross hornworm on tomatoes

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