September 30 – Weekly Photos

Early in the week, we hung out with cousins + friends, doing our usual rounds. Our Wildling crew did tie-dye, so we spent Monday evening unwrapping our banded new duds + washing them immediately. The kids were super excited to wear new stuff, as the old ones had been outgrown. We had a big art mess, and I always wonder how long it will be that they all fit on the trampoline together. Rosetta made a rainbow pot holder in a new style and was pretty proud of the result.

Last camping trip of the year, sniff. We headed off to Stagecoach State Park in Oak Creek with a set of grandparents in their RV. It was glorious weather, 70s by day, 30s by night. I love when you need the fire to survive. It feels more primal, even tho we had a camper to retire to in desperate times. We explored, and made mud, and fished, and wandered through so many ecosystems.

After our camping, which was amazing – possibly the best sleep we’ve ever had while camping – and then all the fishing, we headed into Steamboat Springs to explore. Perfect trees, hot tub, + awesome hiking in my favorite weather: rain!

Wilder’s pineapple pizza / Saturday night movie: Harry + the Hendersons, outside! / Cousin time during the Chiefs game / Art time / Wildlings tie-dye (2) / Rosetta’s rainbow potholder / Night soccer / Mistake art from paint blobs challenge / Fish Creek Falls with Grandma + Grandpa / Stagecoach State Park exploring + fishing (2) / Mud “socks” (2) / Morning picnic once the sun started shining (2) / Pinnacle Point hike + view / The beautiful valley view + fishing the tailwaters on the east side (4) / Fireside dinner / Making a mud pit, part 4 / Me + Mom at sunset / Pre-sunrise view from our campsite / Wilder’s morning hot cocoa, fireside / Running the 1/2-mile to grandma + grandpa’s campsite in the rain after we packed up + our car battery died / Celebrating Wilder’s birthday at Freshie’s with the grands (2)

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