October 22 – Weekly Photos

We’re sandwiched into our extended family’s birthday season, so that means parties! Last week we attended a brunch birthday + had an ice skating party later the same day. Our final bday event was rescheduled for this coming week, which is also Grandma’s birthday. So we’re really midway through. It is a glorious season, tho, and I the best time for parties.

This week we crafted terrariums together with our homeschool group. The kids shopped for plants initially, then overrode that idea in favor of other things. Wilder chose a remote island beach, driftwood and seashells, complete with a lost message in a bottle. Rosetta’s beach featured colorful, poured sand, along with a concrete toad who’s laying her eggs. All turned out nicely + we’re enjoying them at home now.

Blue Sky brunch / Apex ice skating with cousins + grands (2) / Terrarium build (6) / Playing outside at Wildlings / My CO Springs hiking trail last week / Ready to grind at Kilroy’s! / Wilder’s axe-like creation has a handle / Mod Pizza / Rosetta’s Warrior cat of the week / Slicing the cake evenly / I finished this awesome book / It’s fun to learn sign language next to a creek / Little Park with Wildlings (2) / Zetta’s outdoor art / Bonefish Grill dinner out with the Kansas grandparents (3) / Jackpot of a garage sale – this one had a knife table! / Feeding pup cups to Maeve + Teddy / Rosetta’s digital art

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