October 30 – Weekly Photos

With a focus on science this week, we managed to squeeze in a ton of experiments. We made the strawberry DNA work (finally), exploded some soda, engineered taller, more solid buildings by using celery + apple chunks with the marshmallows, and are (hopefully) growing some rock candy in the cupboards of our rental space. We also visited Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where all the animals came out to say hello! After a long-awaited trip to IKEA, the kids also assembled their individual desks + other pieces. Rosetta put together a chair + Wilder a shelving unit.

I’m leaving out the part where we fielded one person’s head cold keeping us home a few days, a name-calling dispute on the playground + subsequent hard feelings at my house, + a mid-week snow storm cancelling our usual nature play plans. Last week was a difficult one. We’re still ironing out some raw feelings + bolstering immune function before the Halloween celebrations begin with a party tonight.

Showing Grandma Carole how to make a Warrior Cat in Roblox / Zoe’s bday party + face masks (3) / Nails with Grandma on her last night with us / Game of Statues at Wildlings / My strawberry DNA experiment worked! / Tea party / It was science experiment day at Wildlings, so we did mentos + soda (2), edible engineering (2) – plus an adult puzzle. / Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (4) / Sushi lunch! (2) / Rosetta, assembling her IKEA chair / Wilder’s setup for assembling his IKEA desk / Rosetta’s finished desk / Battleship / Wilder baked cookies / Rosetta’s loose tooth came out for this cookie at park day!

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