November 5 – Weekly Photos

This week, Halloween overshadowed everything, of course. We trick-or-treated with friends, family + neighbors, making two sweeps through our ‘hood for an obnoxious amount of candy. The kids counted it up to more than 200 pieces each!

Later in the week, the inevitable post-Halloween cold stilled our activities. We mostly stayed home, recuperating quietly, wondering who’d get it next. (No one, as it turned out.) But we turned our plans into at-home experiments with art + cookery. We used new art supplies, listened to audiobooks while painting, and felt inspired to try making fresh pasta, a whole-day experiment with delicious results. Being home for a few days, just making sure we didn’t have Covid + trying not to spread germs, gave us more time to dig into projects we’ve abandoned. Both Rosetta and Wilder seemed to feel inspired by digging around, unearthing + organizing the art closet. I am hoping to do more of these things as the weather cools + we’re indoors more.

We ended a quiet week with brunch with friends (not pictured) + so enjoyed having people over again. It’s been years since we invited people over for meals who weren’t related to us. Having done it again, I’d love to get back into the groove of gathering around food. More potlucks, teas + brunches, please! We’re ready!

This great YA book that I randomly found at the library, I highly recommend. / Wilder’s specialty ramen bowl / Pumpkin carving (2) / Smell test at Wildlings (2) / Donuts on a string + apple bobbing (3) / Rosetta as a warrior cat / The trick-or-treat crew, minus Elliott + Josie, who were late / The results of a long evening wander (2) / Wilder, painting + the koi pond he made (2) / Rosetta’s first cat from her new villain series / Learning to make pasta from scratch, following directions from Pasta Grannies / Biking with the dog to the pet store / We finished this one + talked entrepreneurial skills / Finishing our pasta on the machine! (2) Tagliatele success! / Wilder made a backpacking meal to see how they work. Okay, but lots of trash! / Zetta’s new painting style / Wildlings along Clear Creek on a very cold day / Finished paintings (1) how the new style works (2) two villains from the new book and (3) all the other villains, named + imagined / Stop at Hype Tea on the way back from our H Mart trip / Wilder received his fly tying kit from MTH / His first fly! / Movie night with our weird cats

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