November 12 – Weekly Photos

The BEST thing this week was Wilder’s crested gecko eggs finally hatching. He started a breeding program two years ago and we’ve been coddling gecko eggs on and off this entire time, whenever the female lays. We’ve never candled the eggs and seen pink before (usually white or yellow), so we’d begun to think our male was infertile. Wilder abandoned his written log last year, after our sixth batch of eggs shrunk in a few days, then molded. We’ve cried over eggs so many times, feeling responsible for their failure to thrive. And then, this batch. It felt different. Firstly, they WERE pink in the light the way YouTube and our book said they should be. Secondly, the eggs got bigger, instead of rotting or molding like the others. We wondered if our male was simply too young, rather than infertile, earlier in the process. After 80 days of watchful care, two tiny geckos emerged from the eggs. We held our breath, watching with wonder. They’re amazing! Now that we know it’s possible, Wilder is excited to continue and to resume documentation of the process.

Our group field trip to Meow Wolf will be talked about for awhile as well. None of us had been before and we all felt a mixture of awe and overwhelm, wandering around with amazement in the din and the different levels of light. My kids got headaches after about an hour, despite their interest, and we lasted almost two before the overwhelm overtook us completely. But we saw so many cool things there and left inspired to look at our personal spaces differently.

This week felt overly long, and we’re all excited for a long, quiet weekend, largely at home. Whew.

Fly #1 this week / Visiting the Golden Fly Shop to browse supplies / First time using the pottery wheel this week, and it was difficult to get them off! (2) / Fly #2 and #3 / Baby crested geckos! / Wildlings cardboard neighborhood week, building forts (2) / Outside with friends (3) / Rosetta’s drawings / Baby geckos in their habitat / Morse Park with friends / Trying out pickle ball / Wilder’s carbon steel blade / Sushi in the Springs / Shop class / Rosetta’s Warrior cat / Rosetta, playing Warrior cats, and her designed avatar (2) / Wildlings at Prospect Park, exploring along the Nature Trail (2) / Meow Wolf field trip with friends (5) / Checking out an anime store in Lakewood / The rock candy experiment, week 1

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