November 19 – Weekly Photos

This week, Wilder helped me test a few recipes from Twist on Tofu by Corinne Trang. Having gone to H Mart last week for ingredients, we made Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches with daikon pickles and the Crispy Tofu Salad Rolls. He also mixed up the dough for scallion flatbreads while we waited for our pickles to pickle. Resident onion lover Wilder felt the breads were the absolute best recipe of the week.

We road-tripped to Colorado Springs for Wilder’s class, and I had way too much work to do for my usual hike. Plus it was only 15º outside! So I spent the day working at Starbucks instead. Wilder and I finished our audiobook, Alone by Megan E. Freeman on the way home. It’s been a gripping listen, partly because it’s set in Colorado, and partly because readers have no idea why she’s alone. But hearing a teen deal with loneliness of another scale from the TV show Alone, which we also love, has given us pause. Sometimes it’s felt too familiar, too Covid-era uncomfortable.

Lastly, our other focus: movement! Our Thursday group was cancelled due to weather, so we rallied with more audiobooks, art together + some snow play. Needing a bit more movement, Wilder and I joined a climbing gym together and made a twice weekly schedule for using our membership during these colder months. Rosetta chose swimming as her movement, so we’ll be visiting recreation centers to see if there’s another favorite that’s not all the way up in Evergreen. We visited the Westminster one this week. Rosetta rates it six out of 10, but the rest of us enjoyed the deep pool with rope swing + rock climbing. And a diving platform!

Following the scallion flatbread recipe / A quiet week of Wildlings with spray paint art + logic puzzles (6) / The cutest new book from Phoebe Wahl, who wrote one of our favorites, Sonya’s Chickens. This one’s adorable too, but maybe a 3-8 range. / Westminster rec center’s lazy river, Rosetta’s favorite part / When I drive to the Springs, I usually Facetime Rosetta when she gets up / Warrior cat drawing of the week / Our finished audiobooks (2) / Snow day! (2) / Rosetta broke out the new acrylic paint set / The newest climber at the gym!

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