November 26 – Weekly Photos

Did anyone have a relaxing Thanksgiving? Hmm. I am clearly doing it wrong! We had an early feast day due to my sisters’ work schedules, so we also had a friends game + dessert party on Thanksgiving evening. So that meant I spent many days cooking + baking instead of mainly one day doing those things. But the dessert party was super fun + I think we’ll be doing that more in the future. Also what we’ll do? Play the football BEFORE we eat the big dinner. Duh – and my brain is off humming that Billie Eilish song (I’m a bad guy) every time I use this word.

Pottery wheel play / No-bake blueberry cheesecake / Our dog thinks she’s a cat / Weird little book I read / My painting / Rosetta’s painting / Cousin play / Rosetta made meatballs for Thanksgiving / Climbing trip #1 / Wilder made apple pie / The feast! / The cousin table / Dog besties! / SeaQuest with friends (4) / Climbing trip #2

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