January 1 – Weekly Photos

Whew. Break is somewhat over, and we’re slowly moving around a bit more. Not in full-on hibernation anymore. It’s been lovely to have zero scheduled events, but also difficult to choose what to do and whom to invite with such a wide open calendar. Lots of slow time at home to enjoy the thoughtful gifts we received – even for January Christmas, which my family celebrated on New Year’s Day. We call it “Second Xmas,” and it was celebrated with a giant brunch-for-dinner theme to which we all contributed.

Rosetta’s working really hard on digital art. She received an Apple Pencil + hasn’t looked at physical art supplies since she got home. This week, she recreated a Warrior cat piece from her own picture, Brambleberry, below, and it’s striking how much more detail she can add from a tablet. (Now I wish I’d done a side-by-side.)

Wilder’s entire room has been tidied + rearranged. Apparently being 12.5 requires an upgrade in room style, or so I’ve been informed. He’s trying on a new “gamer” identity and merging that with all of the bones, fur, skulls, rocks + nature miscellany he’s collected since childhood. This felt like a tough time in my life one hundred years ago, so I’m trying to support him through sifting these things + keeping what still feels right. This week he started making a tabletop charging station that will cover his night stand. Glue is curing, and he’s hopeful to put it up tomorrow. Photos to come!

Rosetta’s digital art (2) / Dog play date! / Learning a new game with the whole family / Me + mom / New slime kit / Crafting new water cups with glass markers / Sledding at Meyer Ranch with friends / Rosetta’s GIANT steak taco dinner / Catching the train for the first time in… idk, years? / Train ride / Grandma + friends for the Stock Show Parade downtown / Howling at the Full Wolf Moon with a pack of nature-loving friends / Wilder’s room upgrade included some handyman skills / Petsitting for the neighbors / Movie nite!

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