January 8 – Weekly Photos

We had an escape last week…. Wilder’s baby geckos climbed out of their cage through a miniscule hole at the back where the waterer cord threaded inside. Free in the room at large, we couldn’t even guess where they’d go. His room was filled with piles of clothing and post-holiday miscellany. Plus he hadn’t much cleaned since we all started hiding gifts in our rooms in early December. Long story short, we’ve only found one baby, after luring them back with food outside cage and a variety of the climbing greens they like tucked around. This one was just eating from the bowl, no big deal, when we scooped it up with a lot of fanfare. Whew, we thought, we’ll just keep doing this and the other one will come back too. But it’s been a full week now and our odds feel very, very low. Wilder’s bedroom is super clean and we’ve gone through every single item, multiple times. He is so worried.

Rosetta’s focused on her physical drawing this week, using her skill to create YouTube content. She shot, edited + posted a video about it on YouTube. Her editing + filming skills have developed, even using a new editing app. She also helped direct a “face reveal” video for her friend, who hasn’t been allowed to show her face to this point. They planned the entire thing out on a zoom call, did their makeup together, wrote a script, then filmed and edited together. When that was finished, Rosetta went back to drawing again, finishing the two pictures below that she’s made sketches of all week.

Wilder is also focusing on making videos, only his are from the Xbox now. He’s into shorts: one, two, three. There’s less editing involved with this kind, mostly voiceovers, but they’re easy for him to post and he likes having still contributed to his YouTube channel. He’s experimenting with cross-posting shorts on Instagram as well, trying to gauge the difference between audiences and how often people can find him.

This week, we also began a neighborhood play group. The point of it is that there aren’t parents involved. Each afternoon, the kids go behind our neighborhood school to the playground and meet whoever wants to play, sans parents, and they play until they’re bored or tired, usually around 5 o’clock. Obviously I have no pictures of this! But it’s been great to see my kids super excited to go outside and play. Sometimes it’s also frustrating because lots of parents are going as well – hopefully just to check it out – and it limits the scope of play.

In that vein, I’ve tried to limit my photography this week as well. The kids have grown leery of me snapping a picture whenever they’re trying something new, and it’s starting to feel intrusive to me as well. I don’t need to document everything, right? I’m thinking about this more as I go along because we do all enjoy watching the digital frame churn out memories, and how did they get there? Hmm.

We have one more quiet week before entering into the mayhem of a new semester. We’re trying to build a few new home rhythms, filling out our goals and skills worksheets today so we can have a formal meeting on Wednesday – breakfast out! – to plan our semester together. There are so many new interests already that I’m excited to see how it all works out!

Rosetta, watching the neighbors cats still / Wilder climbs a wall / Maeve / Maeve’s weird anime picture / Rosetta + friends, puzzling / Playing tetherball together after watching a video about the rules / Finger strength boards that Wilder loves / Finished book of Warriors / Night walk / Rosetta’s drawings (2)

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