January 15 – Weekly Photos

We spent lots of time sledding this week. Our front yard always gets hit first, even though it’s a gentle, easy slope. But we took two trips to sled with friends as well. So much glorious snow – and perfect for sledding for once!

Our highlight this past week was a Tuesday trip to the National Western Stock Show. We’d never gone as part of a field trip, but I signed up Wildlings and they gave us passes. Okay! Six families explored together, beginning with the petting zoo. We pet everything – including all the animals we passed (if allowed), attended an animal show, looked at the “biggest” animal area with the giant longhorns, visited the baby barn, watched a horse-and-rider obstacle course competition, saw kids’ cleaning and presenting pigs they’d raised, practiced our roping skills, ate lunch together, and did some shopping in the expo hall. I’m tired all over again, remembering.

It’s been two weeks of neighborhood play, and many kids are showing up. Whether that’s because of after-school activities they already had (some are very scheduled) or being unable to go to the playground alone, we’ll never know. On the Facebook page I created, there’ve been as many excuses as promises to attend next week. I’m making a handout for Rosetta and Josie, who lives two blocks up the road, to take door to door. They want to personally invite more kids, but they want something to hand out instead of saying everything. Which makes sense. Hopefully sometime this week, they’ll be able to bring it around.

National Western Stock Show field trip visit with friends (8) / Snowstorm painting spree / Rosetta’s results / Cousin sledding at Heritage Dells Park in Golden / Starbucks indoors / Starbucks outdoors with a drink-cooling table / Goal planning brekkie / Sledding with Wildlings at Majestic View Park / Making cupcakes / Climbing

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