January 22 – Weekly Photos + Notes

Our last week at the climbing gym, so of course we went a zillion times. As soon as I say “we’re quitting,” then we’re excited about it. Isn’t life ironic? Also, Rosetta got to try out all the gym equipment in the exercise room, and THAT’S what she loved. Not climbing, but sweating her butt off on a StairMaster.

This was our last quiet week at home before the big indoor group resumes, so we had friends over, caught up on board games with Grandma (2x in a week!), read tarot, made tiny candy food, watched Ms Marvel + Amber Brown while painting our nails, baked cinnamon rolls + cuddled our cats.

Rosetta’s been working hard on her pet journals. She received a keepsake cat journal for xmas from her aunt, + had to have the dog version. There’s been a stream of photo printing since. I love when the table is covered with project dregs, + I’m living the dream the past few weeks. There’s a lot of reading + writing going on here while she tries to formulate her pet’s early life (they were all shelter pets, so it’s largely fiction) + artistically arrange their photos. This type of archival project seems to speak to her. She’s remembering bringing each one home, how they got their names, what they like/dislike, + making up their answers for many random questions – like “What is your pet’s favorite color?” I look forward to seeing the final project.

Wilder’s challenges this week have been physical ones. Although he has decided to play Azul on repeat until he beats Grandma, his biggest feat is elevating his box jumping to the next height (done) and reducing the weight level on the assisted pull-up machine (one notch lower now). All of his upper body work has paid off in the push-up department too. We’re working on a plan for this next phase without our climbing membership to challenge us. So far, the plan involves trying out other rec centers that aren’t as pricey + allow 12yos in their free weights area.

Climbing practice + then an arm wrestling Championship on the mats (5) / Playing Among Us in person required new task-making / Kites game with friends / Silly Jedi, the cat / Tarot reading / Candy cooking / Rosetta’s final product setup, as if she’s selling it / Azul in the morning / Grandma time! / Silly Fiona / Thrift shopping for outfits for a themed birthday / Sledding + snow play at Thursday Wildlings / Grocery store requests / Wilder, strengthening his fingers / Evergreen Lake House ice skating on George’s day off / Rosetta bought a ring while we waited for our pizza order / New game – Calico / Climbing with cousins day (3) / A tense Chiefs playoff game / Wilder, in the spirit! / Azul against Grandma, take 2 / Rosetta’s cat journals sneak peek

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