February 17 – Weekly Photos + Notes

Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day as much as we did! Cards, candy + miscellany were exchanged with friends at our Wildling group party (one day early), plus some musical chairs + dancing. We had a family exchange as well. Because they live too far away to come, Rosetta sent a long letter to her grandparents in Kansas, plus individual cards from both kids, along with a pile of chocolate, their favorite.

Both kids were able to work on their entrepreneurial skills this week. Wilder has a shoveling client, when there’s ever snow. With the continued snow this week, he had the opportunity to receive feedback from the client about the timing they preferred + then chose to shovel twice rather than lose his occasional-but-easy job.

Rosetta again worked with the neighbors’ cats, caring for them over four days. Her client is very specific about pet care, and Rosetta visits twice/daily to complete the tasks required in a loop. She set a reminder on her phone to fix the timing in her schedule, and completed the tasks by 10am + 6pm – even when we were just getting home from something else + she was tired. After this second care routine in a row, she’s accumulated enough money to shop for a cat backpack. The search has begun!

Continuing our obsession with science experiments, we delved into polymers this week using a Steve Spangler kit. Rosetta combined the grown polymers with a slime to make the “best slime ever!” We’re estimating how long it lasts with the polymers shedding water. Wilder continued his backpacking challenge in the snow, cooking himself lunch outdoors with only things he could pack in. He’s been planning an overnight trip this spring, so these practices help him hone those skills.

Letters we mailed to grands / Geronimo, the neighbor’s cat / Super Bowl halftime crowd / Betting on Super Bowl Squares – he won $5! / Watching “Rosaline” with cat cuddles / Finishing Valentines with breakfast / Wildlings Valentine Party – It was too nice outside that day, so we were rarely in (4) / Polymer setup + initial testing (4) / Picnic in Golden before the storm / Polymer AM check – surprise! / Wilder’s outdoor cookery / Art by Rosetta / Slime-making while waiting for lunch / Sledding party / End of the Christmas puzzle, finally! / My notes this week

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