March 5 – Weekly Photos

Finally the perfect weather for family bike rides! After one great, windy one, and then an entire day outside at Wildlings, we shuffled off to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days indoors. Altho I did make the kiddos walk to dinner across the entire parking lot, a full mile, without considering the incessant wind and our wet hair and the 30º weather. Making memories!

This week, we had many outdoor learning experiences. First, we planted seeds at Wildlings, then took a trip to Garden of the Gods with some climbing, a hike, + some pigeon watching. A Great Horned Owl chased our cat into a neighbor’s tree, and she needed help. I scared the owl away, accidentally, while looking around on the ground for predators. Last, we watched a fox kill and eat our last chicken right in the backyard. This took hours, actually, + felt quite painful to watch.

This week’s schedule / Rosetta’s scribble art / Playground Rosetta / Wildlings (3) / Garden of the Gods (3) / Great Wolf Lodge / Statues outside of Scheel’s on our walk to Torchy’s / Parking lot antics / Great Wolf Lodge, day 2 / Painting Grandma’s guest room (3) / Brazil Yumbox with the grandparents / Wildlings at Inspiration Point (2) / Our cat up a tree / Bike ride, again / Experimenting with encaustic art / My piece / Rosetta’s two / The neighborhood fox, eating our last chicken / Staying up late, watching Travis Kelce on SNL / Rosetta’s weekend pancakes /Weirdos / Wilder’s layered boba with matcha

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