March 12 – Weekly Photos

Everyone found an art focus this week – to my surprise! From chalk to digital to watercolor to spray paint to tempera to encaustics, our house is filled with artwork in all stages of production. It definitely feels like spring + a full worm moon!

I’d picked up a set of encaustics at a garage sale recently, and a friend at Wildlings gave us a quick tutorial. So we set up the whole shabang on the kitchen floor all week + painted in increments for several days, even once with friends. By the end, a huge brush-cleaning session that stunk up the whole house with chemicals, we each had 3-4 wooden blocks that we quite liked.

I commissioned Rosetta to make a digital background image for use in a magazine layout for a celebration ad. She did it, using the colors we needed, and I was able to use it. This means she can be paid for her work, and that’s been quite exciting for her.

Wilder and a friend are setting up an art sales booth at our spring market this year, and they’ve been working on what they’ll sell. Together, they had a painting session, learning new techniques + trading ideas. Those two created six pieces for sale already, and set up their next work date on the calendar. Then Wilder worked on a piece separately for hanging in his room, and that one turned out great!

Red Light Green Light / Improv games at Wildlings / Chalk drawing with Zoe / Encaustics close-ups / Floor setup / Some final products / Brother sister cuddle time! / The workout with friends – there’s a playground but they’re all over here / Encaustics with friends / Group dinner + trampoline night / Fire pit + s’mores together / Sorting Pokemon cards / Planning service project with the Roots + Shoots group / Park day afterwards / Wilder’s new style of spray paint art / Wildlings Thursday crew at a new playground / Hiwan Homestead field trip with Journey Cake tasting at the end! (5) / Family bike ride – 6 miles in the wind, but we made it! (2) / Ice cream at Red Silo / The digital art I commissioned from Rosetta to use behind a magazine layout, so she’ll get paid!

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