March 19 – Weekly Photos

Calm week spent outside as much as possible, barring Thursday. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day twice – early with our Wildling crew and a leprechaun-fueled treasure hunt, then on the actual holiday with just family + Rosetta’s amazing 4-leaf clover cookies (not pictured). We learned a lot of Irish facts, history + lore, then polished up our limericks with Irish accents all around. We also learned to dance a basic jig. Our family ancestry runs to Ireland on both sides, so it’s exciting to learn more.

Wilder’s learning to cook independently, fostering the littler kids learning new skills by teaching them to peel + chop potatoes for the group’s Irish meal. Two kids had never peeled anything before + needed a lot of help. Knife basics as well. He needed a bigger challenge for himself, so he prepped his HelloFresh meal alone, making honey-dijon salmon for the family in under an hour.

Both kids have been working on video game skills this week. Wilder’s working his way through the game Halo with the help of a friend and Rosetta and her cousin have spent hours working their way through a puzzle maze in Roblox together – lots of shouting + laughing heard all around the house.

Wildlings St. Pat’s Day party (5) / Clear Creek with friends (2) / Fire pit night with grands (2) / Wilder’s HelloFresh cooking night + the final result: yummy salmon! / Rosetta feeding the geese / Clear Creek, round 2 / Prospect Park with friends / After dinner walk / Rosetta’s newest digital art piece

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