March 26 – Weekly Photos

What a fun week we had! Swimming + meals with cousins + grandparents. Wildlings celebrated Cat Day with much fanfare + lots of outdoor play. Three different playgrounds with friends this week, plus art + play at the house together = happy + sun-filled days.

This week we experimented with resin art, which took a lot of reading as we figured out how to do things, failed miserably + tried again. Wilder + Zoe scheduled some art time in + worked on their market pieces, collecting a stack of finished canvases.

We made another, more professional run at sushi with American toppings (like siracha mayo) + fillings (avocado-peanut, anyone?). More HelloFresh meals were made by kids alone, with decent results. Rosetta posted a video about her pork taquito meal. She’s gotten pretty good at editing! Wilder’s posts have been video shorts, here + here, as he tries to work through the campaign in Call of Duty.

Terrorium offered some weird + inspired taxidermy. Rosetta wanted to buy a parakeet, and we all steered clear of the two-headed ducklings. But we explored their new store + bought plants, plus some pinned bugs for our resin art meanderings. We have big plans for coasters inspired by the seasons that will require a few more outings for ingredients as Rosetta plans these one at a time.

This week we took a field trip to the Forney Museum of Transportation with a group. So glad we settled on a self-guided tour for this one as the museum is big + everyone ranged freely, interested by completely different vehicles. Our family’s favorites were the railcar with tall sidewalks so we could see the fancy berths for different incomes + the land-air-sky vehicle that didn’t take off as expected (in popularity). Rosetta + a friend tried to find the oldest vehicle there by reading all the signs. Wilder + a friend picked their favorite vehicle from every category, + found the oldest fire truck as well. None of our group had ever been to this museum before, and it was very well maintained + interesting, tho the staff didn’t seem very kid-friendly at all. We spent so much energy on keeping relatively quiet that we needed a screaming-loud playground trip immediately afterwards!

Wilder + Grandma, ready to swim / Wildlings – charades, National Ravioli Day lunch together, coloring + park play with a found shopping cart / Elliott + the kids making smoothies / Paramount Park with friends – scootering, b-ball + Duck Duck Goose / Second try at resin coasters / Wilder + Zoe’s stack of canvasses for the kids’ market / Sushi! / Wilder’s plating / Walking the dog / Rosetta’s HelloFresh meal, gone / Explaining + playing Groundies at Memorial Park with Wildlings (2) / Watching Yo-Yo tricks / Stuffed parakeet Rosetta wants for $125! / Forney Museum field trip (4) / Prospect Park / Movie night cuddles from Jedi

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