April 15 – Weekly Photos

Grandparents visited all week, staying extra long because they had the time. We celebrated Easter together with all of the extended family left in town, including aunts + friends in the mix. We moved around so much, I didn’t get a photo of everyone together.

We took Grandma to volunteer at the cat shelter for the first time, showing her around + what to do. We spent a couple of hours brushing, petting + playing. We also spent time attending Math Day at the Rockies stadium with lots of other homeschoolers (fun but hot), admiring our growing garden plants, trying Belgian snacks with the grandparents in our YumBox, + exploring Matthews/Winters without any leaves on the trees.

The science experiments with Wildlings this week included milk plastic toys, dissolving peeps in various acids + milk, + slime variations. We’ll be able to check our progress next week as these were longer-term experiments. Because we had peeps + candy for an egg hunt, the kids also experimented with microwaved candy. Peeps work much like marshmallows, expanding entirely, so the enlarged shapes were quite popular + considered “cookies” by all involved. We are also trying to grow a pineapple plant from its top. This will be our third attempt + hopefully we’re right about what we did wrong last time. Fingers crossed!

Lastly, this week Wilder started his summer fishing club. Of course, it rained + snowed the entire time. Spring in Colorado! But he caught his first trout of the season + we soaked in some of our favorite weather!

Rosetta drew the flowers we bought for Easter / Egg dying with Grandma (2) / Cat Care Society (2) / Dinner, the only time we’re all together! / Easter egg hunt / Favorite egg / Games after brunch / Wildlings experiments + painting (7) / In-N-Out Burger / YumBox from Belgium with the grandparents / Saying goodbye (2) / Rockies game (2) / Our pineapple top, attempt #3 / The seedlings have grown! (2) / Wildlings at Matthews/Winters / Fishing at Evert Pierson Kids’ Pond in Boulder (2)

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