April 22 – Weekly Photos

We’re really flinging ourselves into this spring energy, with weekly snow setbacks, of course. Last week, we all went to a movie for the first time in… years? We couldn’t figure out what the last one we’d been to was, but it’s been a long time. Guess which one we saw?!?

I’m including our weekend chore list as it has everyone’s handwriting on it as they wrote in other jobs for each other + passed on the ones they didn’t like.

Lots of cooking again this week, beginning with weekend brunch crepes – yum! We baked sourdough + browned butter banana cake. We also did some candy science, following directions on the boxes to make gummy sushi + gummy ramen bowls. These little boxes are super creative + fun to make, but the flavor combos can be…iffy. We’ve gotten all of the ones we’ve seen, loving the creative way they use every part of the packaging in the crafting + presentation.

Wilder is learning Photoshop, which we downloaded to his laptop. I gave him a brief tutorial while he basically killed a photo of Ryan Reynolds that he had on the desktop from a prank for his dad. He’s moved on to making other things, using the same skills. He wants to make a new YouTube intro, so he’s been practicing + playing with all the tools.

Rosetta played with stamp carving this week, crafting a few more from a cool library book we found + making her own, more complicated ones. Towels were stamped to test out the new ones + she printed another towel that mixed all of the favored stamps, just because. She also played with gouache paint quite a bit.

Kid row at the Alamo / Super Mario prop photo! / Crepes / Chore list, adapted / Family soccer / Wildling science experiment check / Painting + outdoors at Wildlings (2) / Maxwell Falls hike / Wilder’s watercolor trees, practice + final / Learning photoshop / Poor Ryan Reynolds! / Family project night / Stamp carving + tea towels (3) / Matthew-Winters Wildlings (2) / Books I finished this week (2) / Oobleck / Candy science kits (3) / Rosetta’s gouache paintings (3)

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