April 30 – Weekly Photos

Our family effort has been more outdoor time, together or not. On this week’s plan, we penciled in outdoor time for every day of the week. It must’ve helped because we did it! At least 3 hours/day outside, daily (double on Monday as usual). It was the perfect week to go all out because we three greatly enjoy the rain, so much of our time was spent soaking in it.

Wilder’s highlight this week was finally dissecting the fetal pig he’s been worried + excited about for a whole year. After watching many YouTube videos + psyching himself up, he decided to dive in at Wildlings while the rest of the group did owl pellets. It helped him to complete the process with his friend Zoe, both of them freaking out + then taking turns with the scalpel. With a few breaks from the awful smell, they managed to extract the major organs. They stopped short of the brain because they felt bad breaking the little pig’s face to get it out. No one complained, and Wilder even felt relieved to have finally completed this project.

This week, Rosetta worked on several videos for her YouTube channel. She’s still editing last week’s candy science production, plus she’s adding graphics to the top of her stop-motion edits. She keeps adding photos to the Fiona (our cat) stop-motion + yesterday was up to 1,780 pictures! Not sure that one will ever be “finished.” We also took a trip to the Denver Zoo on Wednesday in the morning gloom, and Rosetta shot video of the animals frisking about in the rain that she wants to compile.

Lastly, we worked on art pieces of a member of the Corvid family for the conservation project. These were time-consuming, so we listened to our Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest podcast the whole way through. Again. A Crow and a Mourning Scrub Jay will be our family’s contribution for the project’s library display at Belmar, later this summer.

Playing Concept with the whole fam / Family brunch at Cafe 13 / Carrying Lu’s carseat across Golden / Rubix Cube challenge / Nerf war / This week’s plan, which we followed! / Slime grenades / Wildlings (3) / Fetal pig + owl pellet dissection at Wildlings, plate o’ parts + a sheep’s kidney (3) / Art Rosetta made at Wildlings / Rock painting + some finished rocks – the ladybug is Rosetta’s / Hiking + picnic at Lair o’ the Bear (4) / New beaver dam / Wilder’s tree art / Play with friends in the rain / Zoo trip – measurements + the sea lion show / The Boba exporation continues with Boba Touch – it’s really good! / Making bird art for our conservation project / Wildlings at Matthews/Winters

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