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Loving Your Kids’ Loves

body’s asking me for help, you see, and that’s the key point. My kids have no problem demanding assistance as needed, so the lack of communication actually means that they’re wanting space to explore – that’s how I take it.

Facing the Same Direction

The overview? I worked too. Why did I come home to cook while he watched TV? He didn’t even wash the dishes afterwards. And who just lifts his feet up while his wife vacuums? And who leaves these giant, dirty socks everywhere? Is it even possible to wear this many socks? My rampage took ten minutes and devolved into name calling, but the relief I felt was immense.

Last Week in Photos – June 5, 2021

Short week, due to illness. We celebrated a stuffy-headed Rosetta’s 9th birthday on Wednesday, inviting only the same people who got us sick and limiting the activity portion of the party to trampoline balloons and a hamster ball. Plus an aunt brought colorful wigs!


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