Why We Needed Halloween

As I plodded around our mile-long Halloween route, my cheeks hurt from smiling the entire way. Tears crowded the edges of my eyelids, threatening to ruin the sloth eyes I painted so meticulously hours earlier. It was the giddy children, clamoring through the streets together, their high-pitched, excited voices that got me. Oh how IContinue reading “Why We Needed Halloween”

Homeschooling Unpopular Interests

My kiddo has been into knives and weaponry since age 5. We found YouTube movies about Otzi the Iceman after wandering the Native American exhibit in the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. Next Wilder stared with awe at the ice age portion of our museum’s display. In my mind, he was creating a timeline,Continue reading “Homeschooling Unpopular Interests”