Our Community

In 2019, I began a co-op-style community, Wildling Collective, and we met weekly at a community center. Fast-forward to 2020, and we only made it halfway through our semester before the pandemic shut us down.

Weaving practice

I start groups ā€“ and I have a long, long history of organizing ā€“ because I need them. When I see a gap, I fill it. Iā€™m a community builder, a lover of small villages, shared spaces for my kids to grow up feeling safe and loved.

Also: mama friends!

Mama friends!

It turns out other families want that too.

The Wildlings will resume in-person gatherings this fall, expanding to a second location in the metro area. I am excited to rebuild, to flower with the newness that always comes when people gather.

Our balloon solar system
Board games are a popular break from the day’s activities

If your family is local to Front Range Colorado and searching for a consistent, welcoming and secular community, we have a couple more slots left to fill. Because the families rent spaces together, there is a single, upfront fee to join us, ensuring our semester is paid for in advance and affordable for all. Our semester begins August 30 for Mondays, and September 1 for Wednesdays. Full dates to come.

We will be doing a series of get-togethers in advance of our semester, which is a great time for new families to test us out. Email me if you’re interested and I’ll give you more info as I have it. I’ve got a list!

Wildcrafting a fence to defend their space

Cheers to surrounding ourselves with people who care this year!

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