Last Week in Photos – February 19, 2021

Highlights this week: Wilder can drop in on half pipes now. He finally took the plunge on our garage ramp, so we had to get out and practice!

Last Week in Photos – January 23, 2021

Highlights this week: Difficult week, though we tried to downplay our disappointments by finding our own adventures. Somewhat successfully.

Last Week in Photos – January 17, 2021

Highlights this week: So much outdoor time! We’re working hard on our 1000 hours, and managed a park visit, several walks and some sledding with friends! That, with so much trampoline time, equals 11 hours this week – a running start.

Last Week in Photos – December 5, 2020

Highlights this week: So much outdoor time with friends! We’ve been spoiled by amazing weather, and I’m taking advantage.

The Chat: A circuitous route to reading

“You should be glad I play this,” she told me, “because Roblox is teaching me to read.” I felt sad that my contributions were discredited, but that’s parenting. A week later, she asked ME to teach her to read. And I didn’t even cry!